Helping the dance community to operate safely during the global pandemic.

As dancing opens up again around the world, many organizers are thinking about how they can keep their dancers safe. Danceplace wants to help. We're introducing free vaccine status verification and symptom screening tools for organizers to use at their next event.

Free COVID Symptom Screening Tool

COVID Contact Tracing

COVID Vaccination Record Screening

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Frequently Asked Questions

Symptom Screening Tool

What is symptom screening?

Symptom screening is a self-survey with a few questions to ensure that someone is lower risk to attend an event. It asks about contact with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, recent travel, and symptoms. It should be completed before attending each event. While not sufficient as a prevention tool on its own, it is a mechanism implemented as a best-practice in healthcare, education, and other industries. The more layers of protection at an event, the less likely a COVID-19 outbreak will be.

How is my data protected?

Results of the survey are not saved in Danceplace. This is a self-screening tool for attendees to use, and organizers can request that it is completed at the door before entering their event.

How does symptom screening help keep my community safer?

Symptom screening helps people do a self-reflection on their risk level and provides a safety check. Similar to how airplanes always do a safety demo, tools like symptom screening help to keep safety front of mind and reinforce good habits.

As an organizer, can I use Danceplace for symptom screening if I don’t sell tickets on this platform?

Yes! This is a free tool. Individuals and organizers can use this tool without using other platform tools or having an account with Danceplace.

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Contact Tracing Tool

What is contact tracing?

Contract tracing is used if there is a suspected or confirmed COVID case to alert all attendees to their possible exposure. Attendees that purchase their ticket through Danceplace already provide their emails for contact tracing. Once the organizer checks-in attendees, Danceplace flags their presence at the event and formulates a final attendance list for contact tracing purposes.

What information is used for contact tracing?

Danceplace doesn’t save any additional information to offer the contact tracing tool. Regular ticketing and check-in information is sufficient to trace who attended the event and contact them. At the organizer’s option, they can include a question to obtain a phone number from attendees if required in their jurisdiction.

Who will inform attendees of an incident?

It is the responsibility of the organizer to inform attendees of a suspected or confirmed COVID case at their event. The organizer will use the Danceplace attendee list to directly contact individuals and to follow health and safety protocols.

As an organizer can I use Danceplace for contact tracing tool if I don’t sell ticket on this platform?

At this time, we do not offer a stand-alone contact tracing tool. This feature is available to events that sell tickets on Danceplace.

Vaccination Screening Tool

What is vaccination screening?

Danceplace offers organizers the option to screen their attendees’ vaccination status. First, purchasers attest that they are fully vaccinated when buying their ticket. When they attend an organizer’s event for the first time, they bring proof of vaccination and a piece of ID confirming their identity. The organizer can then mark them as verified in the system, removing the need for further vaccine status verifications for that individual at that organizer’s events.

How is the user’s privacy protected?

Danceplace does not ask for or save a photo of the vaccination card or any personal information on it. Beyond the attendees ticketing information, we only save

  • The attendee’s attestation that they are vaccinated
  • Whether their vaccination status has been verified by an organizer.

This means that organizers are responsible for verifying vaccine status, but can keep a record of “Vaccine Record Verified” attendees for further events.

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