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He Dances, She Dances, and They Dance Too

Dance Discussions

Recently, a Bachata DJ came forward with a post lamenting the use of they/them pronouns, followed by an extensive (and since deleted) posting about his deeper feelings. The initial post read as follows: Pronouns… It was either “he” or “she.”…

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In Dance, are you Self or Others Oriented?

Fun Stuff, Social Dancing

In my experience, there’s a spectrum between being Others-Oriented or Self-Oriented with regards to both dance and life. In dance, these orientations affect almost all our interactions. Generally speaking, Others-Oriented dancers focus on the energy they release into the world…

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Followers, Women, and Sexism

Dance Discussions, Social Dancing

This isn’t the first time I’m writing about the underappreciation of follows – or the sexism that is so entwined with the concept. We’ve come a long way from when I first started writing about it around 2015/16. I wasn’t the…

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Una asociación profesional (Spanish Translation)

Dance Discussions

Las comunidades de baile han tenido muchos problemas con la falta de profesionalismo o el mal comportamiento. A pesar de los mejores esfuerzos, estas situaciones siguen sucediendo. A veces, las páginas anónimas publican cuentas anónimas; a veces las cosas se…