Being a light follow has nothing to do with weight.  You can be 200 pounds and light as a feather, or you can be 100 pounds and feel like my apartment’s refrigerator. You can have gorgeous style and be capable of 100 single-footed spins and STILL be a refrigerator. Conversely, you can have no style and physical limitations, yet still be a light follow.

A light follow does not anticipate where the next movement is going – they wait. Yet, a light follow is also secure enough in the knowledge of her own dance to respond to the barest whisper. In the words of my partner, it is like dancing with a marshmallow: their softness and malleability gives the lead the freedom to shape the dance, but they are strong enough to maintain their own dance as well.

Being a light follow does not mean being disconnected – in fact, it means quite the opposite.  It means that when led, your reaction is nearly instant without sacrificing quality or connection. It means that your responses are fast – but not ahead of the lead. You do not need force or strength to lead a light follow – you simply need to guide them. It means that their frame and attention is so sensitive that it feels like the lead is directly connected to their mind.

A light follow doesn’t always have the best ‘style’, but they’ll keep you coming back for more anyways. The truly stunning follows have learned how to put their own flair and style into the dance without sacrificing that feather-light, soft connection… but they didn’t start with style before substance. They have come so far on their journey of following that they are now ready to add in gorgeous style – rather than letting style get in the way of their follower’s journey.

A light follow is a gift on the dance floor. They are the ultimate partner with which to express music and emotion on the floor. They leave you glowing at the end of the dance, and help you capture the magic of social dancing. These are the people who get new leads hooked on dancing, and keep experienced ones enraptured. The light follow is the counterpoint of the strong lead: the magical entities that everyone loves to dance with… but few accomplish this level of skill. It takes time, dedication, and sensitivity. It takes a willingness to learn – but most of all, it takes a deep understanding of what it means to connect and feel another person.

Photo: Brian De Rivera Simon, Tarsipix Studios