How do we know if someone wants to dance?

Luckily for us, there are a few behaviors that are dead giveaways that someone is looking to dance. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll say yes – but it certainly improves the odds!

  1. They’re staring at the dance floor. Likely with a wistful expression.
  2. At the start of a new song, they start to look around or stand up. Possibly with a hungry eye-scan of the room.
  3. They’re sitting/standing near the dancefloor.  They’re looking hungry – as if watching people eat their favourite food.
  4. If talking, they’re looking at the dancefloor – not their conversation partner.
  5. They look bored. Really bored. I’m-in-statistics-class bored.
  6. They say “I love this song.” Or, more frequently: “OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!”
  7. They make eye contact and smile. Or smile-ish, depending on the person. Or stare at you as though you are a really, really delicious dessert.
  8. They are coming into the ballroom and heading for the dancefloor. Nothing will stop them – not even the Power Rangers.
  9. They move towards you, or stay still when you approach. Kind of like when a cat sees you after a long vacation.
  10. When you start speaking to them, they seem impatient with conversation. Seriously, why are you not dancing with them yet?

Obviously, it’s still a person’s right to decline the dance. However, paying attention to body language cues can dramatically reduce the number of rejections you get when asking for social dances.

If you’re OK with rejection – ask away! Good for you for not taking it as an insult! Just remember it’s not your right to get an acceptance. You can also become a better partner by giving an ‘out’ if you feel a partner hesitating to agree to dance.


Photo Credit: SV Photography