Dance Crushes: we’ve all had them. They fill us with joy (usually), and are a concept that most non-dancers don’t quite understand.

But, have you ever noticed that “Dance Crush” doesn’t always mean the same thing? While it usually refers to someone you love dancing with, it can also be used to talk about others within the dance scene that you have a ‘crush’ on for any reason.

Today, we’re going through some of the most common types of “Dance Crushes.”

1. The Gorgeous Crush

This dance crush is not always your favourite dancer – but holy crap, they’re beautiful. You could stare at them all the time. It can lead to some mutually-enjoyable hookups – when both dancers are into each other.

On the other hand, the sheer level of physical attraction may lead to more awkward dances. This is because sometimes it can be harder to relax and enjoy a partner who is just that darn attractive (but you still want to dance with them anyway).

2. The “Don’t Talk. Just Dance.” Crush

On the dance floor, everything is awesome. You’re connected. You hear the music the same way. You look forward to every dance.

Then, you make the mistake of trying to talk to them in a non-dance setting. The magic just doesn’t translate. Regardless of the reason for your conversational non-starters, this just isn’t someone you want to connect with anywhere but the dance floor.

3. The “Touch Me Anytime” Crush

This person is magical at touching you just right. Somehow, with this one person, you’re way more open to physical connection than you are with an average partner. For whatever reason, they just get exactly what you need physically in a dance partner.

That doesn’t mean you’re necessarily attracted to them (or them to you). It just means that they have that magical intuition and knowledge to feel awesome.

4. The Good Person, No Connection Crush

You love talking to them off the dance floor. Your personalities connect very well. Very often, you really, really want to have a great connection during a dance, too. But, for whatever reason, it’s just not there.

Sometimes, it’s a connection thing. Sometimes, it’s a musical interpretation thing. Regardless, you love that they’re a part of the community – you just don’t have a burning desire to share the floor with them regularly.

This is especially frustrating if this person is also your significant other. Nothing is worse than knowing your dances are meh with each other – but  jaw-dropping with other people.

5. The Real Crush

You look forward to talking. And hanging out. And… sexytimes? The dance quality may not be epic – but generally you have (or want) pretty steamy dances…

Damn. That’s no dance crush. That’s a real crush.

And yes, this type of crush can coexist with actual dance crushes. But, it can also exist separately.

6. The Dance Icon Crush

This is usually a person that you’ve admired for a while. Very often, it’s a higher-level dancer that you adore the style of. It’s the dance-equivalent of having a crush on a celebrity.

This type of crush can be accompanied by a lot of butterflies. Sometimes, this gets in the way of actually having a “good” dance with the icon – even though you have a massive dance crush on them. Or, it can lead you to think that everything wrong is your fault because they seem too awesome to make mistakes.

Icon crushes can lead dancers to wait in lines, travel in pursuit of that ‘dream dance’, and obsessively follow their icons on social media.

7. The Perfect Dance Crush

You get along. You can dance all night with each other. You have a great physical connection.  You can train together perfectly. And, there’s no awkward sexual tension between the two of you. Introducing: the Perfect Dance Crush.

If the feeling is mutual, these people often make great dance partners because they’re on the same dance-wavelength. They’re often also great friends.

Your Experience

Did we miss some types of dance crushes? Which types have you experienced? Leave your thoughts in the comments.