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When Fixing Problems Goes Too Far

Workshops & Classes

When I was a new teacher, I had a student who began as a very ‘heavy’ follow. She used so much resistance that I would be exhausted after one dance with her. After a few months of regular practice, she became…

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Your Follower is not Fragile

Leading, Social Dancing

Every time I write an article on taking care of your partner on the dancefloor, I get a response that goes something like this: “When I dance with a lady, I take care of her. It is a man’s job…

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Following, Health & Safety, Social Dancing

Every lead has encountered the Backleader. Very much the follow version of a Pinball Lead, the Backleader goes where he or she wants – without regard to the partner. It doesn’t matter if the lead has another idea or if…

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What it Means to be a Light Follow

Following, Social Dancing

Being a light follow has nothing to do with weight.  You can be 200 pounds and light as a feather, or you can be 100 pounds and feel like my apartment’s refrigerator. You can have gorgeous style and be capable of 100…

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The Underappreciated Skill: Following

Following, Social Dancing

Have you ever been in a dance class where the follows have been told to ‘Just Follow’? Have you ever heard someone told that follows have it so much easier because they ‘Just Follow’? Have you ever heard a female…