Sometimes, the non-dancers of the world ask us questions that we’re not entirely sure how to answer. These should be simple questions – but somehow our addiction makes them so difficult to answer.

“What did you do last night?”

Verbal Answer: “I… went dancing. Again.”

Internally: I need a life. But… dance is life. I’m so confused. 

“How was your trip to ______?”

Verbal Answer: “It was great! My favourite landmark was the great floor, and my biggest highlight was this amazing dance I had with this person from halfway around the world!”

Internally: Have I forgotten what trips are supposed be like, or have I simply found a better way to vacation?

“Did you win your dance competition?”

Verbal Answer: “Oh, there were no competitions. I just went to dance.”

Internally: I’ve explained this before. Just because it’s a dance event doesn’t mean that it’s a competition. 

“What is that [dance]?”

Verbal Answer: “It’s like… how do I describe it…”

[5 minutes later] “Let me YouTube it for you….”

[10 minutes later] “Oh, just let me show you one more! It’s totally different…”

Internally: Maybe showing them 5 videos was overkill. I need a better way to describe this. 

“What else do you do for fun?”

Verbal Answer: “…Stuff.”

Internally: What else is there? This is the only thing I know – or want to know.  Though, I did meet that dancer with a penchant for baking pies once. Maybe there is more…

“Why don’t you just skip dance that night?”

Verbal Answer: “Well, it’s a really important [event/rehearsal/class] that night. I can’t really skip it.”

Internally: I don’t think you understand. Dance is my life. I don’t skip it voluntarily. 

“You like dancing. Want to go clubbing with me?”

Verbal Answer: “No thanks.”

Internally: Clubs aren’t dancing – they’re just two people humping off-time to too-loud music.

“Want to get together this week? What’s your schedule like?”

Verbal Answer: “Sorry, I’m really busy. Maybe another time.”


  • Monday: dance class.
  • Tuesday: social dancing.
  • Wednesday: cross-training for my dance.
  • Thursday: social dancing.
  • Friday – Sunday: EVENT TIME!!! 

What are some questions you get asked? How do you respond? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!