Ever wondered what your favourite dance would be like if it were a flesh-and-blood person? I did – and this is what I came up with:

Please note: these are based off of the stereotypes for each dance! They do not represent the *people* who social dance – but the structure of the dance itself!


Ballroom Bethany

In a Nutshell: Expensive, Beautiful, Snobby, Upscale, Refined.

Who She Is: Bethany is beautiful, from a strong and distinct pedigree. She lives in the most expensive part of town, wears only designer (or custom) clothing, and loves all things thought of as ‘fine art’. Her family is well-established and well-known all over the city. She was recently featured in a magazine as one of the city’s top eligible bachelorettes.

As a First Date: She believes there’s a distinctly right and a distinctly wrong way to do everything. For example: first dates. If it’s not a minimum 4-star restaurant followed by a night at the opera, you’re doing it wrong. Oh, and by the way: you better be paying for her dinner.

What’s Great About Her: She is intellectual, refined, and definitely the sort of girl you could bring home to meet your family. She will always push you to get a better job, stay in shape, and keep up a high level of accomplishment.

What Can Suck: You better be willing to put down the money. She expects you to take care of her. Plus, your friends think she’s more than a little bit snobby (They’re right!).


Salsa Sam

In a Nutshell: Flirty, Sexy, Charismatic, Popular, Impulsive

Who He Is: Sam is very sexy – and will flirt with almost anyone. He prides himself on the MASSIVE circle of friends he has – even though he only sees some of them once in a blue moon. He is crazy active on social media – and guilty of posting 1 too many shirtless selfies.

As a First Date: A fantastic date, Sam is a ton of fun – until you realize he’s not usually that interested in a deep relationship. Better to keep it casual in his books!

What’s Great About Him: He’ll make you feel incredibly attractive – while you have his attention. He can attract almost anyone – making him a great networker. If you want to spice up the party, Sam is your man.

What Can Suck: He often gets caught in the ‘shallow stages’ of a relationship. Attracted by shiny, new things, it can be difficult to get past the initial ‘Flashy Sam’ into a deeper, more developed relationship.


Brazilian Zouk Zoe

In a Nutshell: Dreamer, Artistic, Sensual, Disorganized, Perpetually Late

Who She Is: Zoe prefers to exist in an artistic, dreamlike place. Constantly lost in the flow of her own world, she enjoys all things luxurious and smooth to the touch. Her art is extremely varied – but somehow all her various styles work relatively harmoniously. Few people have heard of her work – but the people who have either think it’s really strange, or the best thing ever.  She *really* doesn’t like it if you use her artwork without giving her credit.

As a First Date: If you want dinner at 6, tell Zoe to meet you at 5:30. Once she’s there, she’ll be a lovely companion – but it certainly won’t be your standard dinner conversation. She’s probably likely to recommend an obscure, artsy place that you’ve never heard of. You may also get it confused with that energetic, popular place called Zumbario.

What’s Great About Her: She’ll introduce you to things you never thought possible, and she will always help you think outside the box. She loves to create and explore new facets of life. You can throw almost anything her way, and she’ll take it in stride.

What Can Suck: Her apartment is a mess – and she hasn’t owned a watch in 3 years. She loses her Metro pass at least 2x per day, and has been on time for an appointment once in the last week. If you’re trying to get something done efficiently or within a certain set of parameters, Zoe is not your girl.

Not to be confused with: Her older sisters, Zouk Zahra and Lambada Luana.


Fusion Francis

In a Nutshell: Jack-of-all-Trades, Eclectic, Adventurous, Easily Bored, Unique

What He’s Like: He hasn’t ever stayed in the same job for more than a year – and his greatest fear is to be tied down to one job forever. He loves to travel, and really has no interest in putting down roots. He likes to dabble in everything – but not spend too much time on one particular thing. He is never, ever boring, and prides himself on being unique.

As a First Date: Prepare to do something you’ve never done before. Whether it is axe-throwing or a sign-language restaurant, he has found it – possibly on Groupon. Just make sure you squeeze in the date between his back-to-back travels to other continents!

What’s Great About Him: You will never be bored, and you will go on fabulous adventures. If you want to try that new, weird exercise class or go on a meditation retreat, he’s right there with you! Want to try that weird new food? He’s game! Spontaneous trip to Antarctica? Soooo in!

What Can Suck: He will never want to focus on one thing. If you fall in love with a hobby, chances are he’s already ready to move on to the next one! If he tries to stay tied to that one mode of expression, he’ll get bored and restless. It can be frustrating when he’s willing to try anything once – but rarely stick with something enough to truly learn what he is doing.


Stay tuned for:
Pt. 2: Tango, Lindy Hop, Bachata, and Blues!
Pt. 3: WCS, Kizomba and Hustle!