Dancers are a little bit different. We spend our nights doing crazy things. We spend our days thinking about spending our nights doing crazy things. We travel around the world to dance for a weekend – and many of us don’t even leave the hotel.

How many of these graphs do you relate to?

1. Before/After Dance Friends



You start dance with a plethora of non-dance friends from all different areas. There’s that one friend who just started dancing. After a few months of prodding, you finally agree to go and try that thing they won’t stop talking about…


…By the time you have been dancing seriously for a couple years, you’ve forgotten what it means to have non-dance friends. Your friends either now dance because you convinced them to, or barely talk to you because you’re busy every night of the week.

Of course, there’s still that one friend who sticks around because you’ve known each other literally forever.

2. Wardrobe Implications

Originally, you have work clothes, casual clothes, athletic clothes, and one or two fancy outfits. But, once you begin dancing, it becomes impossible to pick an outfit without dance-testing.

Eventually, even all of your work clothes become dance-able if necessary in a crisis.


Of course, we also can’t forget the floodgates that open when you buy your first pair of dance shoes. Remember that glowing time, a couple months in where you decide to invest in your very. first. pair?

Fast forward a couple years, and you’ve got a pair for every occasion!

Dancing_Grapevine_Laura_Riva_social_dance Shoes


3. YouTube Habits

Non-dancers use YouTube for all kinds of things. They learn how to do new stuff, listen to music, and watch funny cat videos.
Dancing_Grapevine_Laura_Riva_non dancer_youtube

Dancers have playlists for every genre and style. Any time the opportunity presents itself, they’re scouring the internet for some new YouTube favorite – or hunting the perfect video to show someone else all about this magical dance-thing.



4. Facebook Contents

Ah Facebook. The place where everyone has ‘friends’ they’ve barely met, and random men or women from halfway around the world message just to tell you how pretty you are… and would you like to buy some Oakley sunglasses?

Of course, you also have friends, family and co-workers. Some of us even keep exes around.

Dancing_Grapevine_Laura_Riva_Facebook Friends

Once you’re a dancer, the situation changes. Everyone else is still there – but you’re getting tons of Facebook requests every month. After events, the numbers spike. The test is no longer ‘Do I remember them?’ but ‘Do they seem like they have at least 10 dance friends in common?’

The result? Most of your Facebook are people that you’ve probably met – but you don’t remember in the slightest.

Dancing_Grapevine_Laura_Riva_Facebook Friends after dance


5. Finances

Of course you should save money and have balanced finances! That’s hard enough for normal people.


But…. how can you spend money responsibly when you have so many fun trips and pretty things to buy to support your dance habit? And, what about lessons?!?*


*Disclaimer: this is meant for fun, and is (mostly) an exaggeration. Dance should not bankrupt you or prevent you from saving. If it is, you’re doing it wrong. 


6. The Social Dance Curve

When you first begin, social dancing is scary.
When you’ve been dancing a bit, social dancing is fun – but you still have a life.
When you’ve been dancing for a while, social dancing IS your life.

When you’ve been social dancing forever, you start wanting to have other parts of your life back… as long as they don’t stop you from dancing.



7. Travel

I used to take 1 vacation with my family every 1-2 years. Now, I’m on a plane or driving somewhere roughly once a month.

Of course, when I go to a new place, I spend most of my time never leaving the hotel room because I’m sleeping all day and dancing all night.

#DancerProblems #WhatARoughLife (#jk)



Is there a graph we missed that you think you should be included? Submit your ideas in the comments below – maybe Part 2 will happen!

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