We’ve all been social dancing and had some quirky moments. If we’re lucky, we’ve avoided complete embarrassment. But, not all of us are so lucky.

Here are are a few embarrassing moments, courtesy of our fellow social dancers (and me):


“I was once dancing with my biggest dance-crush (and real crush) while wearing a flowy top. The back of the shirt was only connected at the neckline. It was the first time I wore that shirt social dancing.

About halfway through the dance, the lead turned me. As he went to move to close hold, my shirt managed to flip itself over the top of his head and catch him inside my shirt. It was mortifying!”

Dance Floor Dive

“I used to go to a really popular nightclub that had a Salsa night once a week. I don’t drink, so I’m one of the few people there who is completely sober.

The dancefloor at this club is a bit lower than the rest of the bar, so you have to go down about 2 steps. One of my favorite songs came on, so I rushed over to grab a partner. But, I tripped over the top of the first step and face-planted into the middle of the dancefloor.

To make matters worse, a bouncer came over. He was convinced that I was drunk! I told him I hadn’t had anything to drink, but he didn’t agree to let me stay at the club until he smelled my breath.

When he figured out I actually was sober, he laughed at me.”

Fly Fishing

“I had a friend who used to date someone in the dance scene. They broke up, but stayed mostly-friends. They still also danced together a lot, because they had really good dance chemistry.

One time, they were dancing and her finger got stuck in his fly. To this day, no one is sure how it happened.”

New Years’ Exposé

“One time, I went to a New Years dance. I felt amazing in my brand-new mini-dress. The night was great, too!

But, later that week photos were posted. What no one (including my boyfriend) had told me is that you could see half my butt whenever I lifted my arm. I had to find out when the event photos were made public on Facebook!

I untagged myself, but as far as I know, all the photos are still on the internet somewhere. Photographer: what were you thinking posting those?!”

 Tearful Connection

“I had been eyeing an instructor for a dance all night, and finally got the nerve to ask right near the end of the evening. The dance was going fine – until he turned me and my elbow smashed straight into his nose!

I’ve had collisions before, but none this bad. His eyes were watering – and the next time I saw him, his nose was swollen!

I haven’t elbowed anyone like that since.”

Birthday Bellyflop

“I was dancing with a girl in her birthday circle at a crowded Salsa club. Things were going great; we always have had a really good dance connection with each other.

But, during her birthday dance, I managed to slip on a wet-patch. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but I fell – on top of the birthday girl. It’s on camera, and literally every dancer at the club was watching.

I can’t bring myself to dance with her like I used to anymore!”

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