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In a Culture of Isolation, Be the Invitation

Inspirational, Social Dancing

“In a culture of isolation, be the invitation to everything.” – Vera de Chalambert* As dancers, we know the meaning of an invitation. Or rather, we think we do. We invite each other to dance. Leaders invite followers into patterns and movements. Dancers…

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Dear 1-Year Dancer

Inspirational, Social Dancing

Dear 1-Year Dancer, I’m glad you’ve been with us a year. I’m so happy you’ve been contributing to this wonderful community for a full 12 months. We may need to have a talk soon. 

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To my older dancers

Inspirational, Social Dancing

There are some pretty poignant comments from older dancers – particularly older women – about how intimidating it can feel coming into the social dance scene. This is true. It can be scary, and there will be some not-fun moments. And yes, you…

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The Selfless Dance

Etiquette, Inspirational, Social Dancing

When you receive a selfless dance, it is magical. It can make you feel like you are on top of the world. At a minimum, it makes you feel happy and peaceful. It can lift your spirits or mend your mood,…

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Becoming a Generous Dancer

Inspirational, Social Dancing

A generous dancer is one who shares their love of dancing with the world – whatever that world may be. The Performer does this through tireless dedication to their craft, resulting in breathtaking performances of (near) perfection. The Teacher does…