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In Dance, are you Self or Others Oriented?

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In my experience, there’s a spectrum between being Others-Oriented or Self-Oriented with regards to both dance and life. In dance, these orientations affect almost all our interactions. Generally speaking, Others-Oriented dancers focus on the energy they release into the world…

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The 7 Types of Dance Crushes

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Dance Crushes: we’ve all had them. They fill us with joy (usually), and are a concept that most non-dancers don’t quite understand. But, have you ever noticed that “Dance Crush” doesn’t always mean the same thing? While it usually refers…

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The 7 Deadly Dancer Sins

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In many Western cultures, the idea of the 7 Deadly Sins is a common way we frame undesirable attributes. They capture habits that are easy to fall into – but may create havoc in our personal or professional lives. In dance,…

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The Love Languages of Dance

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Most of us have heard about the five ‘love languages’, when applied to our interpersonal relationships. Some people prefer loving words, while others prefer giving and receiving gifts. Some like actions that show love, and others like physical touch. Some…

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Becoming Dance Santa

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Last week, I saw a beautiful story of how a mother explained the concept of Santa Claus to her young son. It was about the idea of  becoming a Santa, rather than not believing in him. It’s about learning to…

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Popular Questions Answered by Dance Addicts

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Sometimes, the non-dancers of the world ask us questions that we’re not entirely sure how to answer. These should be simple questions – but somehow our addiction makes them so difficult to answer. “What did you do last night?” Verbal Answer:…

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Embarrassing Dance Moments

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We’ve all been social dancing and had some quirky moments. If we’re lucky, we’ve avoided complete embarrassment. But, not all of us are so lucky. Here are are a few embarrassing moments, courtesy of our fellow social dancers (and me):…

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Graphs that Dancers Can Relate To

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Dancers are a little bit different. We spend our nights doing crazy things. We spend our days thinking about spending our nights doing crazy things. We travel around the world to dance for a weekend – and many of us don’t…

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10 Partner Dance Myths

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It’s time to dispel some myths about partner dancing. I’ve covered some before, like the idea of learning by social dancing or the idea of right and wrong. But, that’s far from the only misconception or myth that exists about social…