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5 Scientific Reasons Dance is the Best Hobby

Dance Discussions

Editors Note: This article is designed to be read start to finish the whole. way. through. šŸ˜‰ We all love dancing! But, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint why. Luckily, studies can tell us exactly why dance is the best hobby…

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Community is our Greatest Weapon

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Right now, most of you are probably reading from a country in quarantine (or, close to it). I am; all of our classes, socials, and parties have been cancelled. I’m staring down the barrel of a potential event cancellation if…

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Dance in the Time of Corona: An Update

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Note from TDG: this is the most current information to date from physician Dr. Hsu. The situation is changing rapidly. Do not panic – that helps no one – but please consider this as a serious issue and re-evaluate whether…

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A Case Against “Good, Clean Basics”

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You have probably heard (or said) some variation of the phrase “I love beginners! All I care about is that my partner has good, clean basics.” We think that it takes the pressure off of novice dancers who are still…