A generous dancer is one who shares their love of dancing with the world – whatever that world may be.

The Performer does this through tireless dedication to their craft, resulting in breathtaking performances of (near) perfection. The Teacher does this through thinking about how they will better communicate their craft to their students every single time they teach. The Mentor does this by guiding their mentees through all the stages of dance development.

The Social Dancer does this by being gracious on the dancefloor. Always. 

A Generous Social Dancer does not force their partner to do moves that they aren’t comfortable with; they hone their dance to the level of their partner. If their partner can barely do a basic, they will do that basic step to the best of their ability. They will make that partner feel like that basic step is the best step of their night. If their partner is battling an injury, you will see them re-invent the dance to accommodate that injury – even at the expense of technique, timing, or musicality. You will see their partners glow with pride at the end of a ‘dance well done’, instead of run away from the floor with insecurity in their eyes.

A Generous Social Dancer does not sneer when their partner doesn’t ‘do it right’, or makes a mistake. They recognize that they are not immune to mistakes – and that mistakes are a part of social dancing. They recognize that their partner may not be an ‘advanced’ dancer, but that they are trying to the best of their ability to give their partner a good dance. You will see their dances seem never to have mistakes – only happy accidents and perhaps an occasional giggle.

A Generous Social Dancer does not treat their partner like any less of a partner for their size, gender, age, or ability. All partners are equal; all are deserving of being treated like a human. They recognize that all these dancers are people – all with feelings that are equally sensitive to whether they are given respect on the dance floor. You will see these people dance with the old, the young, the heavy, the light and more with equal grace.

A Generous Social Dancer declines and accepts dances with grace. They recognize that if they cannot ‘give it their all’, they should not accept the dance and then treat it like an obligation. Social dancing is a privilege for both partners – both asker and asked. If they are not ‘in the mood’, a Generous Social Dancer will return to that potential partner when they are actually able to engage and create something beautiful on the dance floor. You will not see them looking bored and disengaged on the floor, longing to be somewhere else.

Most importantly, a Generous Social Dancer is not necessarily generous all the time – but they try. Generous Social Dancers are, above all, generous with themselves. They recognize that they won’t always be ‘on’, and love every partner they ever dance with. However, they know that being a Generous dancer is a lifelong pursuit – and one that needs constant work. They know it is a mindset, determination, and a process – not something you automatically ‘are’ or ‘are not’. It is an active decision.

And it is a decision they try to make every time they hit the dance floor. 


Photo: Brian De Rivera Simon, Tarsipix Studios